Check the next upcoming Arrowverse episodes, access wiki data, get detailed episode infos and find out which ep is the next to watch in correct order!


Explore a wide variety of interactive and competetive Arrowverse minigames for you and your friends to enjoy! You might encounter a few easter-eggs aswell!


Looking for bot/server statistics, user and contact infos or GIFS and invite links? We got you covered with a bright palette of miscellaneous commands!

Crossover Mode

It's crossover time and you're worried about spoilers? Worry no more! Use !cvm to enable the Crossover Mode and embed all new messages in Discord spoiler tags!

Translation Mode

¿Ustedes no hablan ingles? Different languages are not an issue with Gideon! Use !trmode to enable automatic translation for all your messages!

Spoilers Blocker

The integrated ABM service automatically blocks malicious content from Pagey, TheDCTVShow, WGTC and other sources which intoxicate the community!

Custom API

Gideon accesses a variety of API's to retrieve data, including our own custom Gideon API! You can read more about Gideon's API on its documentation page!

Voice Control

Tired of typing and reading? Join a voice channel and start talking and listening instead! Gideon Voice™ provides speech recognition and audio responses!